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Personal Training

Personal Training On and Offline

I know and understand how difficult it can be to achieve the level of health you desire for you and your family. Eating nutritious, wholesome food and exercising is a great start, however there are times when it’s just not enough.
I teach you to how to eat the right portions of protein, carbohydrates, and fat to put your body into fat burning state. Yes, FAT! Specifically, Essential Fatty Acids, or EFA’s, are just that ESSENTIAL to your health and vital to the function of every cell in your body.

Online Personal Training and Nutrition

If you are like most people who want to be healthy and fit, you eat healthy balanced meals and go to the gym but you want an outline of what and when to eat and what to do when you get to the gym.  With our Online 12 week Online Personal Training Program, you will have an exact plan on what and when to eat and what to do for every trip to the gym, at home workouts, or anywhere you choose.  Every month you will receive a new menu and challenging workout that offers moves for every fitness level.  You will get a detailed meal plan specific to your goals for the 12 weeks.  It could be for weight loss, weight gain,  or to maximize athletic ability.


Here’s What You Get Every Month

  • Detailed personal meal plan
  • New workouts that change and keep your body challenged every month.
  • Workouts on the plan can be done either in the home or at the gym.  Most workouts use only self resistance, dumbbells, stability ball, with the occasional bench, step medicine ball.
  • Unlimited check ins with me for questions via email and Facebook.
  • Weekly 15 minute check-in calls.


Online Monthly Personal Training and Nutrition Plan is just $189 per 12 week Program or $89 a Month.
*Body Composition Scale Recommended  Buy Here


Sport Specific and Personal Training in Person

At our fully equipped studio, you get a full range of training options for all of your needs.
Personal Training Individual rates – In Home/your gym- $65.00 per hour, Studio- $50.00
Personal Training In Home/your gym- $35.00 per half hour, Studio- $30.00
Personal Training Group rates – In Home/your gym- $80.00 per hour, Studio- $70.00
( 2 – 4 people )
Personal Training Package rates –  10 pack of one hour sessions- In Home/your gym – $500.00, Studio- $350.00
Personal Training 10 pack of one half hour sessions – In Home/your gym- $275.00, Studio $200.00
Personal Training 5 pack of one hour sessions – In Home/your gym-$300.00, Studio $225.00
Personal Training 5 pack of one half hour sessions -In Home/your gym- $175.00, Studio $125.00
10% discount for full time students, senior citizens (65+), active military ( guard and reserves also), and first responders ( police, fire, EMS ).
Online personal training – $50.00 per month ( After initial 12 week online program).
Plus 6.35% Ct.sales tax.

The Body Lab

Exercise Metabolic Assessment

We also measure the calories you burn during exercise and whether those calories are coming from fat or carbohydrates.
Most people that workout on a treadmill or other piece of cardio equipment do it with the idea that burning calories is the same as burning fat.   Wrong! Your body burns fat and carbohydrates.
The key is to determine the level of intensity at which your body burns the most fat and then spend the most time training at that level. Otherwise you are not getting the best results for your time invested.
Now you know why so many people struggle to achieve good results. You are now the wiser. Train smart, train right, and achieve results!
Also, if you are looking to maximize your athletic performance, this is the way to achieve it faster.
Online Personal Training and Sport Specific Training
Exercise Metabolic Assesment

VO2 Gold Standard Test

Do you know your VO2max?

 Your VO2max is the gold standard for measuring athletic performance by top trainers and coaches. It is a measure of aerobic capacity and the measure of maximum oxygen consumption. Basically, It is how efficient your muscles are at; extracting oxygen and your cardiorespiratory system are at delivering  it. The higher your VO2 the better.

More Energy, More power, Greater Endurance, Faster Recovery! 

We also measure your anaerobic threshold. That is basically, your redline, the point at which you begin to run out of energy. Again, we generate heart rate based workouts that train your body to raise your threshold to new and higher levels of performance!

 Two athletes can have the same VO2max. One of the athletes has a  higher anaerobic threshold and has achieved a higher level of their true potential. Now that athlete can out perform the other. The Body Lab Trains you to raise both VO2max and anaerobic threshold!


Introductory Special  $69.99

Resting Metabolic-Fat Burning Assessment 

At the Body Lab, we use the same laboratory analyzers found in universities and medical lab settings that actually measure how many calories you are burning and whether those calories are coming from fat or carbohydrates.
We measure the calories your body burns at rest to determine your daily requirements rather than rely on a typical “one-size-fits-all” chart that may be off by as much as 800 calories per day!
Online Personal Training and Sport Specific Training
Resting Metabolic-Fat Burning Assessment Measures Total Calories per day

 Measures Total Calories per day

Introductory special  $69.99

Exercise and Resting Metabolic 

Assessment Combo Pack

$119 (Best Value!)

Initial consultation and assessment is free and takes one hour.

Sales tax of 6.35% is applied to all of the above rates where applicable.

Weight Loss or Fat Loss

The weight you lose and calories you burn may or may not be fat. Sure, if you eat like a bird and run for miles you’ll lose weight, but you won’t change your shape. Instead of being a tight toned athletic shape, if you are a pear shape, you will simply become a smaller pear shape. And a more mushier one too (loss of muscle means loss of tone).

Following the “eat less, exercise more model” is playing the weight loss game. Not only does it not produce the desired shape change people are after, but it has an insidious side effect: weight gain rebound. There is a reason the term “yo-yo diet” is so well known.

We now know that losing muscle during standard dieting makes it far more likely you will not only regain the weight you lost, but end up fatter than you were before. This fact, combined with the insatiable hunger, relentless cravings, and inconsistent energy produced by this approach, almost guarantees a return to our bigger, fatter selves. (see references 1-7 below for more)

Research tells us the long term success rate of this approach is less than 5%. Research also tells us that 66% of individuals who take this approach end up fatter within 2 years after their diet.

Caloric weight loss may work in the short run to make you smaller, but even that won’t last as almost everyone rebounds and regains the weight. Here is a critical distinction the weight loss world seems to miss: a plan that works well in the short term but is impossible to maintain in the long-run, is not a plan that works.

For those who can keep the weight off, it is an exhausting and continuous battle against their willpower. All of that work for a body that is softer and not as shapely as they had likely hoped.

The caloric weight loss game is not a smart lifestyle approach to a permanent body change.

The right approach for fat loss is to exercise smarter and eat intelligently in a way that maintains muscle and focuses on fat loss exclusively. This approach takes great care to balance hormones so that hunger is lessened, energy is raised, cravings are reduced, and fat is lost.

With fat loss, you keep your muscle, your metabolic rate is just as high as it was when you were bigger, AND you don’t have to fight a constant battle against willpower because HEC is balanced. When HEC is balanced and you are losing fat, you know you have found a lifestyle you can live forever.

*What do I mean by HEC?  HEC  stands for hunger, energy and cravings, and when your hormonal metabolism is balanced these three biofeedback tools will also be balanced. When the metabolism is functioning optimally, hunger will be reduced, energy will be balanced, and cravings will be almost absent.


It should be understood that training stimulates muscle growth. However, training and growth can only occur with proper nutrition. Nutrition is just as important as is the exercise aspect in reaching your goals. There are the basic nutrients; protein, carbohydrates and fats. Furthermore, a careful examination must also be made of vitamins, fiber, water and minerals. The 5 basic food groups are; Bread-Cereals, Protein, Vegetable-Fruit, Fats and Dairy products. You must be sure to have a combination of these areas to form a balanced diet!

The food which you consume before and after your workouts will determine your actual workout and growth following. It is known that food is a source of energy, and energy is definitely what you need to exercise. Therefore, it would make sense that you consume some fuel source prior to your workouts. The key to remember is that you do not want to go to the gym on a full stomach. A full stomach uses up blood to aid in the digestion process; blood which should be used in your muscles. Therefore, you must plan your pre-workout meal. Generally, a source of simple carbohydrates with a small amount of protein is recommended about 1 to 1.5 hours prior ro training. Everyone has a different metabolism rate, so you will have to listen to your own body. During the workout phase, be sure to drink plenty of water. There are two reasons for this; one is to replenish the water lost during exercise and the other is to regulate the flow of blood throughout your body, especially to your muscle at work. Finally, nutrition following your workout. Immediately following your workout it is recommended for intermediate and advanced users to supplement with 5 grams of creatine with 5 grams of glutamine. This combination will increase recovery and growth. Within a 1/2 hour critical window following your workout, you need to consume protein as well as carbohydrates. The most reliable way to ensure your body gets these sources it with a meal replacement shake. This will feed your muscles and restore your depleted fuel. In conclusion, keep in mind that if you give it your all at the gym, then you must be willing to do the same with you nutrition, otherwise you are wasting your time.

Nutrition to Lose Weight

For those of you who have chosen to get lean, you will have to lower your carbohydrate intake. This is very important after sunset; carbs consumed at night will not be used up and stored away as fat. Be sure to meet you requirements.

Here are some TIPS: Eat fish, healthy oils, lean meats, and plenty of fiber.  Follow a low calorie, highly nutritious approach and consider supplementation such as All Natural Meal Replacements. Weekly Nutritional Cleansing is recommended to aid you in your progress.


Nutrition to Increase Muscle Mass

For those of you who have chosen to gain mass then your protein intake is slightly higher than normal to aid in the growth of new muscle tissue. You should be very concerned about reaching the Protein requirement; in addition, you should also increase you caloric intake by approx. 10% for ‘2 weeks high, 1 week regular’ pattern.

Here are some TIPS: Eat healthy oils, lean meats , high nutrient meal replacements, vitamins, and cleansing. For increasing muscle mass additional high nutrient meal replacements are recommended.


General Maintenance Diet Plan

For those of you who feel that they are in good shape and want to make consistent gains without losing fat or adding to much bulk. You should follow your current caloric needs as well as the other requirements outlined in your chart. It is important to stick to the to make progress, however a cheat day a week it acceptable.

Here are some TIPS: follow the requirements exactly. No adjustments are needed in the caloric intake. Good clean nutrition is recommended along with high quality meal replacement, vitamins, and cleansing and .Regular rest is needed.


Energy and Performance

Get Lean, Build Muscle, Boost Performance and Recovery

Time in the gym won’t get you the results you want without the right nutrition. The is ideal for active people, weekend warriors and elite athletes who want to take their fitness and athletic performance to the next level.
I will help you:
• Get lean
• Build muscle
• Increase performance
• Experience faster recovery