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The Big 4: Keys on How IsaPro Can Help You Lose Weight

Are you interested in losing weight? You’re not the only one. According to a recent Gallup poll, six out of 10 Americans are looking to lose weight.
Are you interested in losing weight? You’re not the only one. According to a recent Gallup poll, six out of 10 Americans are looking to lose weight.

Many have the idea that if they just eat salads all day the weight will vanish. However, for longer-lasting results, you need much better fuel than that!

When combined with resistance training, IsaPro® helps you build—and maintain—lean muscle, which is vital for healthy aging, athletic performance, and weight loss. We have a few pointers on when to take this protein-rich whey powder that will help you melt off fat and gain beautiful muscle for a leaner summer you.

Key 1: When to Take IsaPro

As the science of sports nutrition has advanced, research consistently shows that the benefits of consuming pure whey protein are better when taken soon after exercise.

After exercise, you want to get the right kind of protein—in the right amount—as soon as possible. For a period of time after a workout, the body is unusually sensitive to nutrients; muscle is hungry for protein that will stimulate its growth and repair.

With 18 grams of protein per scoop, the best part about IsaPro is that it is a protein-rich powder designed to be added to IsaLean® Shakes, oatmeal, or any other food. This allows users to benefit from the fat-burning and muscle-building powers of quality whey protein.

Adding 1 scoop of IsaPro to 1 or 1 ½ scoops of IsaLean Shake can be helpful for optimizing your metabolism. The boost to protein can make a huge difference to anyone with a sluggish metabolism. Extra protein also keeps your appetite satisfied longer and promotes muscle maintenance, a key element for plateau busting after losing weight.

Key 2: Work It Out!

In order to burn that fat, you’re going to need to build muscle. Our Isagenix Corporate Wellness Coach Blake Shaver holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise and wellness from Arizona State University and is a certified personal trainer. Blake is known for incorporating IsaPro into his daily routine post-workout.

“Using IsaPro Chocolate post-workout helps fuel my muscles with the proper nutrition for a faster and more effective recovery,” says Blake.

Here are his top three workout recommendations to help you develop lean muscle and blast fat.

Move 1:


Directions: Flip the ball over onto its dome. Grip the sides of the platform or place your hands on top of it, and perform a pushup while engaging your core for a proper spine angle—hold your body in a straight line from your head to your feet. Perform three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions to the best of your ability.

Move 2:


Directions: Start with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Hold the kettlebell at the center of your chest with your arms relaxed. Perform a squat while maintaining a flat back; squat until your legs are close to a 90-degree angle. Push through your heels to return to your starting position. Perform three sets of 12 to the best of your ability.

Move 3:


Directions: Start with a split stance—one leg in front of another at roughly shoulder width a part. Lower your body while maintaining a flat back. Be sure not to allow your knee to go over your toes. Relax your back leg while bringing your knee to the floor (your knees should not touch the floor). Push through the heel of your lead leg to return to your starting position. Switch legs and repeat. Perform three sets of 12 to the best of your ability.

Key 3: Set Goals

We’re big believers in planning ahead and setting goals. Since taking IsaPro is recommended after workouts, we suggest that you not only plan a food budget to stay on track but also an exercise budget as well. We suggest creating a seven-day plan to track your workouts and help ensure success. Set a realistic plan for the week that makes sense for you and won’t leave you ready to quit after one workout.

The best way to build muscle and burn fat is a combination of cardio and resistance trainings. Plan the days when you’re hitting the gym for weight lifting or taking a bike ride outside to make the most of the summer sun. (Don’t forget to take rest days!)

Regardless, on rest days, you’ll want to know when you’re working out so that you can take IsaPro soon after your workout to build muscle which in turn helps blast that fat away!

Key 4: Forget the Scale—Measure Up!

If your pants feel loose, but the number on the scale has gone up—there’s no reason to fret! Muscle weighs more than fat, but the cool part? Muscle helps burn fat.

The whey protein in IsaPro can be useful for triggering muscle growth because it contains branched-chain amino acids such as leucine and is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream for delivery to muscle.

So consider the scale as a simple and infrequent indicator of body mass—not as THE only weight-loss tool for success.

When you order the 30-Day System, it is accompanied with Isagenix measuring tape, so you can evenly measure the key parts of your body for total body loss—your arms, your thighs, your waist, and your stomach, which are the main areas to measure.

Our tip? Don’t get obsessive about it. Measure about once a week and then you’ll start getting a true understanding of what you’re losing.

Have fun building muscle and losing weight by fueling yourself with IsaPro!

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Scale Won’t Budge? New Study Sheds Light on Why.

Weight Loss
A new study offers an explanation for why some lose weight faster than others.

Have you or someone you know ever struggled to lose weight? You follow a system and all its instructions to a T, but the number on the scale is not to your liking. No doubt this is a frustrating occurrence and likely to get anyone down on their weight-loss efforts. A new study has shed some light on this conundrum, however, and it may simply be that different people respond differently to calorie restriction (1). That is, some will lose more quickly than others.

For the study, scientists from the National Institutes of Health conducted one of the most well-controlled interventions possible—a 77-day in-patient trial involving 12 obese subjects whose food intake was completely controlled, and calorie expenditure (aka how many calories they burned) and body weight and composition were meticulously measured.

Upon admission and throughout the trial, participants’ calorie needs based on energy expenditure was assessed. Moreover, energy expenditure was measured in response to both excessive calorie intake and fasting for 24-hour periods, and then for what the bulk of the trial involved, which was adhering to a liquid diet reduced by fifty percent of calorie needs. Also, exercise for fitness reasons was not allowed, and activity throughout the study was limited.

The researchers found at the end of the trial that despite the subjects following the same weight-loss protocol, there were some that lost significant weight, while others barely lost any.

Previous researchers have found similar results and this has led to what’s known as a thrifty phenotype, or a person whose response to calorie restriction does not lead to weight loss as quickly as a spendthrift phenotype. Basically, a spendthrift can lose weight easily while a thrifty person will not.

The scientists concluded that “we clearly determined that there is variation in the extent of weight loss in obese humans during a 50 percent caloric reduction that is not the result of a lack of adherence but is caused by real biologic inter-individual variation in energy expenditure responses to the same energy deficits, that is, thrifty and spendthrift phenotypes.”

Researchers point out how the reason for and identification of the two phenotypes has yet to be figured out. Possible influencers could be individual differences in nervous system activity, thyroid and appetite hormones, diet and weight-loss-and-regain history, and variable amounts of brown fat. Everyone has at least a little bit of brown fat, but it varies between individuals. Unlike white fat, which makes up the majority of fat in the body and stores calories, mitochondria-packed brown fat cells burn energy and produce heat.

If losing weight while following a system is a struggle, it may not be that anything is being done wrong, its more just a matter of time. One important factor to remember is that the number on the scale is not the only marker of health. Your energy levels and how you feel, how you’re able to perform daily and physical activities, how well you’re sleeping, and other health markers are all non-scale measurements that a healthy weight-loss regimen can improve. It’s also important to remember what the alternative is—even if you’re not seeing the scale budge as much as you’d like, is it better to give up and go back to old eating habits? Most likely not.

Weight loss is unfortunately not a fully-known and well-understood science yet. But always listen to your body and remember that the journey will be different for each individual. Stick with your balanced Isagenix weight-loss plan and sometimes the end goal may just require more time, patience, and persistence.

Reference: Reinhardt M, Thearle M, Ibrahim M et al. A human thrifty phenotype associated with less weight loss during calorie restriction. Diabetes. 2015.